Artificial Intelligence as Part of Company Decision Making Process

One of the most spoken topics in technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The discussions about Artificial Intelligence are everywhere but in the end only few have been really using AI. Media draws an image of of AI revolution but at the same time basic things, such as opening email attachments in your smart phone doesn’t seem to work properly. So what is really happening here?

The state-of-at-art, as discussed in the media, is not always ready for each and every purpose. The readiness different technologies has been very well defined by hype curve that is regularly published by Gartner. The hype curve tells how ready some technology is and when the technology reaches a good level of productivity. The image underneath displays the hype curve for emerging technologies according to 2019 evaluation. It is noteworthy that many of the keywords related to Artificial Intelligence are still a few years from the mainstream use.

Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technology
Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technology

The estimates in the hype curve do not portray the world perfectly. There are technical solutions that already successfully take advantage of the presented technologies. The main questions is more about what issues raise discussion and how long will it be until something becomes widely adopted. Companies that can already adopt these emerging technologies even in a small scale will gain a significant advantage in the future.

Why should I care about Artificial Intelligence and what can I gain from it?

Why should anyone care about Artificial Intelligence? This is an excellent question. In the near future the role of AI should be seen as a supporting partner for humans – not as a replacement. All our actions leave a trace of digital footprints that can be used in decision making. We access to more knowledge than ever before. The big challenge is how to really use all this knowledge in practise?

A Decision-Making Model that combines the power AI and human judgement
A Decision-Making Model that combines the power AI and human judgement

Harvard Business Review writes well about what the future AI decision making should look like. Instead of expecting a computer to do decisions alone, it would be better to use Artificial Intelligence to search for possible solutions. We humans have often information that effects the decision making significantly, for example knowledge about company values, strategy or culture. In the future world human should be the one to call the shots but the decision will be supported by AI suggestions. This way we don’t need to manipulate and evaluate raw data as the computer has already digested it for us.

Challenges in Practise

During the projects with our clients, we have noticed that systems often produce different kind of reports based on historical data. However, this information is rarely used in practise. The information is now always available to right people or it is not available fast enough. There is real risk that decision making is based on outdated information.

In addition to using historical data, it is quite important to know more about the current situation and to see calculations about future possibilities. It would be valuable if existing information could be used to simulate future options and use the simulation results in better decision making. This can be achieved by building Artificial Intelligence support systems that digest data for users and provide alternative action proposals.

It has to be noted that decision making is not limited only to the board of administration or executive team. Decisions are made in every level of the organisation. Our experience suggests that employees would take different actions than they do currently, if they only had up-to-date knowledge to guide them in their decision making. It pays off to design AI supported decision making tools to be adopted throughout the whole organisations.

Towards Better Decisions

In the near future, we will still be working with computers. However, the computers will help us to make better decisions and to evaluate their consequences. We make important decisions related to our own organisation and to our clients every day. If we would have a better access to up-to-date information, we would be able to ease the burden at work by making more sophisticated decisions. Artificial Intelligence and process analysis solutions are the key players here. The future AI solutions are tools for all the employees of an organisation and these tools make our jobs easier. Why not try out the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in your organisation now?

Janne Parkkila, Dr.Tech (Sc.)
CEO, Orkestr.io Oy

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