We help you to transform into a data organization where artificial intelligence works together with people

Is artificial intelligence already working in your organization alongside with people? Are you thinking about solving data collection problems, or are you considering the possibilities of artificial intelligence? We help your organization in all these stages. With our help, you will find the means to develop the business of your organization.

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An overview of
our services


We help modernize your organization to meet the challenges of the 2020s. Cloud services and the digitalization of operating models create new opportunities to improve operations.


Collecting and organizing

Knowledge is the new oil and should not be wasted. We help to draw up a plan for data collection and help to organize the data and to put it into practice.



We help your organization to become a data-driven organization where decisions are based on knowledge and not just opinion. Data helps you streamline your operations.



We help your organization to harness the power of information technology and automate traditional human tasks. With artificial intelligence, you gain a significant competitive advantage.


How our services work

Every organization is unique and needs personalized services to leverage data. Our service offering is right for you, whether you are an experienced data-managing CEO or a project manager planning to collect data. Adjacent as a service describes our services suitable for different phases. By clicking on the title, you will get a description of the organization of that stage and you will find a description of the services that are just right for you.


In the modernization phase, we will help upgrade your organization’s information systems to the 2020s. With modernization, the maintenance of information systems has been streamlined and your organization has a plan to develop a knowledge-based future capability. A modern organization uses modern and agile digital tools to help produce and process new information.

Our services for modernizing organizations include:

  • Organization of information management
  • Building an information architecture
  • Organization’s transition to cloud solutions
  • Staff training and competence development
  • Creating a roadmap for a data-driven artificial intelligence organization
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In the Collection and Organization phase, we help your organization develop data collection and management for a future competitive advantage. We work together to implement plans to gather valuable information so that your organization gets the most out of the information.

The collection of information in digital form can take place, for example, from customer meetings, social media channels, your own internal systems or public information sources. It is important to compile a data catalog of the information collected so that different actors in your organization can find and know how to make the best use of the information.

We also help to develop appropriate practices for the processing, sharing and maintenance of information that comply with European Union law and generally accepted ethical principles.

Our services for data collection and organization include:

  • Preparation of a data collection plan
  • Modernization of data warehouses
  • Creating and maintaining a data catalog
  • Information lifecycle management
  • Training and competence development
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In the analysis phase, we help your organization utilize the accumulated data to build new business opportunities and develop business. Importing data into an organization’s decision-making enables better decision-making based on actual data collected.

We are collaborating to develop data-based dashboards and statistical views that combine data collected from a variety of data sources. In collaboration, we create data-driven practices that give the organization’s management and employees access to information-based forecasting models and real-time operational advice.

Our services for data analysis include:

  • Performing data analysis on collected data sources
  • Data optimization based on data
  • Bring knowledge management into your organization
  • Training and competence development of data-based activities
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In the automation phase, we help your organization make the best use of the information. With solutions based on data and artificial intelligence, your organization gains a significant competitive advantage that cannot be copied.

People are the most significant resource in many organizations, and by automating repetitive tasks, human resources can be freed up for more meaningful and productive work tasks.

We introduce your staff to artificial intelligence and your artificial intelligence staff. Through training, people get used to working with artificial intelligence, which makes artificial intelligence significantly faster and more straightforward.

Our automation solutions include: 

  • Smart customer service chatbot
  • Artificial intelligence sharing administrative work
  • Intelligent monitoring of systems
  • Artificial intelligence-enhanced resource planning
  • Customized AI services
  • Training and competence development
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Our products

Our finished products focus on utilizing data in optimizing an organization's business processes and managing information. We are used to making user-friendly solutions that are reliable and easy to use. Many of the solutions we implement are widely used in healthcare and provide significant benefits to our customers.

If you did not find a suitable solution for the listing, please contact us. We are likely to be able to tailor an intelligent technology solution to the needs of your organization.

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