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We help you to recognize and to conquer the bottlenecks of your processes with the help of smart and human-centered technology.
Information is valuable – together we can change it to meaningful insights and wise decisions. Let’s make digitalization useful and simple for both the managers and the employees.

Our Services

Education and training

Know-how is more important than ever before. We train your employees and management to artificial intelligence and its possibilities to improve your business.


Smart software solutions

We create tailored software to solve complex problems. We are familiar with modern technologies such as machine learning, mathematical modelling, semantic technologies and artificial intelligence.


Leading with knowledge

Leading with knowledge and using data in decision making make your company stand out from the rest. We also educate your employees to utilize data in their daily work.


Process management and planning

Your organization can gain a deeper understanding of your processes with the use of intelligent modelling. Automating and leaning your processes frees management time to other tasks.


Working together with Orkestr.io

Based on strong expertise

Being on the cutting edge of new technology is our passion. We have many years of experience in software development and technology consulting. Our team has solid expertise in machine learning, language recognition, data analysis, process modeling, machine vision and artificial intelligence.

We understand your business

Finding experts who understand both technology and business is challenging. Technology is not an end in itself for us but it is made to solve real business challenges. We professionally tailor our services and products to your needs. With Orkestr.io's solutions, you get impressive results for your business.

Human-centered from the start

The best results are achieved when human creativity is combined with the possibilities of modern technology. Our goal is to empower people to manage their own work more effectively by leveraging technological solutions. To achieve this, technology must adapt to people, not just human to technology. Our job is to introduce employees to technology.

Ethical and responsible

New technologies often seem confusing or even threatening to people. We make sure you can rely on our technical solutions in any situation. One of our ways of working is for all members of your organization to feel safe and valued in the face of change. Processing valuable data also means great responsibility and that is why ethical planning as well as privacy are the foundation of everything for us.

Let's start working together!

We help you take your organization’s operations and digitalization to a whole new level. Contact us and let’s open the discussion on how we can best succeed together.

Answers to claims about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and the development of technology raise many mind-boggling questions. Here are our answers to the questions and questions that often arise.

If you did not find the information you were interested in, please contact us and we will help you as best as we can.

We are experts in artificial intelligence and data. We have years of experience in implementing and maintaining challenging, real-time and mission-critical information systems. Whether it’s healthcare, manufacturing, shipping, e-commerce or construction, we help take care of quality and reliability.

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