Collect and Organize

In the Collection and Organization phase, we help your organization to develop a data collection and management plan for a future competitive advantage. We work together to implement plans to gather valuable information so that your organization gets the most out of the information. We also help to ensure effective practices for processing, sharing and maintaining information that comply with EU law and accepted ethical principles.


Creating a data collection plan

Knowledge is a new oil and should not be wasted.

Where does the information come from? What is it used for? How is it saved? What information may be needed in the future? How is information managed properly? How is the quality and integrity of information ensured? Who has the right to access the data?

We help your organization develop a plan for collecting, storing, and organizing information. We will work with you to develop an action plan to resolve your issues.

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Data warehouse modernisation

We help to design, design and implement the modernization of data resources for data storage and utilization. Importing data into data warehouses (Data Warehouse) or data pools (Data Lake) where the data can be further utilized in other functions of the organization. We also build fault-tolerant and distributed database solutions such as MongoDb, Postgre, mysql, redis.

We train our staff to utilize and maintain modern information resources, taking into account the company's future needs.

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Creating and maintaining a data catalogue

A data catalog will be needed as the amount of data in an organization grows. The catalog helps to know better what information is available and to be able to plan new activities and risk existing services.

The data catalog describes the organization’s data and helps to maintain it; what information is collected, where is the information collected from, where is the information stored, where is the information utilized, and who has access to what information?

Together we will create plans for data catalog establishment, maintenance and continuity, which will ensure the operation of the data organization also in the future.

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Data lifecycle management

There are significant legal and ethical challenges to data collection. We help your organization to manage data in accordance with the law and ethical principles.

We establish principles for the collection and use of information and assist in the development of ethical principles. Openness to the organization’s customers is important and we help build the transparency and reliability of the data organization.

We make an artificial intelligence lifecycle management and ethics plan and documentation to promote reliability and transparency.

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Training and competence development

Our company's experts have experience and expertise for various training needs. We have trained the management of organizations with knowledge management and change management, as well as personnel in data-based work. The company’s experts have experience with knowledge management and team development workshops and also from university teaching.

We train your staff in modern information systems and information management solutions. We organize various webinars and online courses for modernizing information systems. We can also tailor training packages that meet the competence needs of your organization.

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