Analyzing data helps your organization to utilize the accumulated data to build new business opportunities and to develop your business. Bringing data into an organization’s decision-making processes enables better outcomes when decisions are based on actual data.

We help to develop and to take advantage data-based dashboards and statistical views that combine data collected from a variety of data sources. In collaboration, we create data-driven practices that give the organization's management and employees access to information-based forecasting models and real-time operational advice.


Data analytics

Data can be turned into valuable insights with data analytics. By analyzing your data, you can better understand and predict the future of your organization. Data analysis enables new benefits, such as more efficient inventory management, identification of customer segments, planning and targeting advertising, preparation of sales forecasts and calculation of cash flow forecasts.

We help you understand and interpret your organization’s data to enable better decision making

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Process optimization

Data can be used to optimize organizational processes. Recognizing process bottlenecks and creating lean solutions to these problems provides valuable benefits. Optimal processes allow producing more with the existing resources, such as serving more customers with the same number of employees.

We help to gather and to find data-based development opportunities from your business processes. We utilize lean principles and streamline the organization's operations based on the collected process information to help improve efficiency and to reduce waste.

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Leading with knowledge

We help to create principles and practices of knowledge management and data-based leadership. Using data in decision-making leads to better results and improves organizational decision-making. Surprising trends and data can also be extracted from the data to help make the organization more efficient.

We train management and supervisors to utilize data as part of their daily work and decision making.

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Training and competence development

Our company's experts have experience and expertise for various training needs. We have trained the management of organizations with knowledge management and change management, as well as personnel in data-based work. The company’s experts have experience with knowledge management and team development workshops and also from university teaching.

We train your staff in modern information systems and information management solutions. We organize various webinars and online courses for modernizing information systems. We can also tailor training packages that meet the competence needs of your organization.

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