The world is constantly changing, and knowledge is more important than ever. We offer training solutions for various needs, from artificial intelligence, information management, change management, data protection to software development. We approach problems through concrete examples and also look at business perspectives in our education offerings.

Our training services

Our company's experts have experience and expertise for various training needs. We have trained the management of organizations with knowledge management and change management, as well as personnel in data-based work. The company’s educators also have experience with knowledge of management and team development workshops as well as from university teaching.

We train your staff in modern information systems and information management solutions. We organize various webinars and online courses for the modernization of information systems.

We can also tailor training packages that meet the competence needs of your organization.


What is new in the field of knowledge utilization and artificial intelligence? How to benefit from artificial intelligence? Why is data collection important?

Online courses

What does a leader need to know about artificial intelligence? What are the principles of artificial intelligence and its application in your business?

Staff training

How could artificial intelligence be utilized in your organization and what does it require from staff? How to get started and take the first steps as an AI organization?

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