Ethical challenges of AI

How do artificial intelligence and ethics relate to each other? Why should ethical artificial intelligence even be cared for? Artificial intelligence itself is a matter of great interest and the ethical challenges involved are significant. In the course, we go through things that every person working with artificial intelligence should know and pay attention to.

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Ethical challenges of AI

In the course Ethical Challenges of Artificial Intelligence, we review the operating principles related to artificial intelligence and the challenges related to the utilization of artificial intelligence. We look at ethics through various examples and evaluate how the problems that arose could have been avoided. The course deals with data-related challenges and the principles of high-quality data collection.

The course also covers the operation of artificial intelligence, communication to end users and the development of good practices. The utilization and control of artificial intelligence is a continuous development that requires systematic approach. We instruct the course participants to plan the creation of artificial intelligence principles in their own organization and to implementation them in practice.

The duration of the course is 1 working day.
The course is held remotely due to the covid-19 situation.
The course not very technical and does not require programming skills. Participants in the course are expected to have an understanding of the basics of artificial intelligence.

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