We help your organization to make the best use of your data and truly infuse your organization with Artificial Intelligence. With solutions based on data and artificial intelligence, your organization gains a significant competitive advantage that cannot be copied.

People are the most significant resource in many organizations, and by automating repetitive tasks, human resources can be freed up for more meaningful and productive work tasks. We introduce your staff to artificial intelligence and your artificial intelligence staff. Through training, people get used to working with artificial intelligence, which makes artificial intelligence significantly faster and more straightforward.


Smart customer service chatbot

Customers want service 24 hours a day. Many questions are repeated frequently, and customer service time is spent answering the same questions. Smart chatbots can also be used to improve internal processes in an organization. For example, information retrieval and status reports can be automated using chatbots and thus made faster and more efficient.

We help determine the interaction skills of chatbots and design conversation flows that support the company’s business goals.

Artificial intelligence-enhanced chatbots also understand freely written text and can retrieve information from an organization’s databases to solve even complex questions. Artificial intelligence chatbots reduce the workload of customer service representatives, help guide the organization’s customers, and work efficiently around the clock.

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AI for work distribution

Customers often contact us by email asking for various product information, quotes, procurement information, or support services. Emails can easily fill administrative inboxes, as replying to messages can take a significant amount of time.

Artificial intelligence allows you to sort and share emails to the best person or free person. Artificial intelligence can be used to automatically answer common questions and reduce the human effort required to answer them.

We help build artificial intelligence that recognizes incoming emails, understands their content, and distributes messages to the most appropriate employee. Artificial intelligence can also be harnessed to create responses to messages, leaving only the person to check the message and complete the details.

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AI for Smart monitoring of systems

Organizations can use artificial intelligence to monitor a variety of systems, such as building sensors, Internet-based software response times, or the collection of company process metrics. Artificial intelligence allows organizations to monitor desired metrics, alert in emergencies, or identify anomalous activities.

Intelligent tracking intelligence can be used to predict future operations, such as information system crashes or physical device failures.

We help to collect metering data, analyze data and to create smart alerts. In addition, we help to combine many different data streams together and to build advanced future predictions from the collected measurement data.

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AI infused resource planning

Employee shift planning and employee work placement are laborious tasks. Taking holidays and public holidays into account and responding to unplanned absences are challenging tasks. Artificial intelligence helps people to plan shifts faster and more flawlessly.

Our resource planning tool helps to optimally plan the use of staff, facilities and equipment. Our solutions are based on a combination of mathematical modeling and artificial intelligence that make it possible to design efficient resource plans quickly.

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Tailored AI solutions

Do you need an AI solution tailored to your organization that fits your organization’s operating culture? Orkestr.io Oy has been producing artificial intelligence solutions for several years and we have a strong expertise in AI.

We don’t just do software and artificial intelligence development. We design total solutions that really fit the way your organization works and also take into account the people who use the systems.

Our developers are highly trained masters and PhDs. We know what we're talking about.

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Training and competence development

Our company's experts have experience and expertise for various training needs. We have trained the management of organizations with knowledge management and change management, as well as personnel in data-based work. The company’s experts have experience with knowledge management and team development workshops and also from university teaching.

We train your staff in modern information systems and information management solutions. We organize various webinars and online courses for modernizing information systems. We can also tailor training packages that meet the competence needs of your organization.

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