We help to upgrade your organization’s information systems to the 2020s. With modernization, the maintenance of information systems will be streamlined and your organization receives a plan to develop a knowledge-based future capability. A modern organization uses agile digital tools to help produce and process new information for future capabilities.


Building an information architecture

The transition to an organization that utilizes artificial intelligence and data requires planning and a systematic approach - also from information systems. The purpose of information architecture is to determine how information systems collect data, where the systems are used, and how they support a company’s business objectives.

We help you define your organization’s current information systems and create an information architecture plan that will enable leveraging data to improve your business results.

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Moving to cloud

We help you modernize your operations and reduce the cost of maintaining and managing your servers. We help set up the necessary cloud environment and securely transfer operations and data to the cloud. We will find the right server provider for you, which complies with the laws of the European Union when processing information.

Our experts are familiar with majority of the cloud service providers, such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM and Digital Ocean. We also train your staff to utilize and use the cloud safely and efficiently.

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Creating a roadmap to data-driven AI organization

We will help you build a roadmap for your company to transition to an artificial intelligence organization. We prepare an overview of the current state, goals and operations of the company and map out a suitable path towards becoming an artificial intelligence organization that utilizes data.

The roadmap includes realistic milestones for progress, planned change over time and mapping skills, as well as technology-related needs.

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Training and competence development

Our company's experts have experience and expertise for various training needs. We have trained the management of organizations with knowledge management and change management, as well as personnel in data-based work. The company’s experts have experience with knowledge management and team development workshops and also from university teaching.

We train your staff in modern information systems and information management solutions. We organize various webinars and online courses for modernizing information systems. We can also tailor training packages that meet the competence needs of your organization.

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