Our mission is to advance your goals with smart technology

Our mission is to advance your goals with the use of smart technology. Orkestr.io provides powerful solutions for process management and information management. Our services will help you streamline your operations and improve the competitiveness of your organization.

We provide information management and consulting services as well as software solutions that can solve complex problems quickly and intelligently. With our help, you can manage your organization’s automation processes effortlessly and strengthen both leadership and data utilization.

Aside from being powerful, our software is also easy to understand and easy to use – as it should be. We realize that not everyone “speaks engineer,” so we always act down to earth and practically. Our vision is to democratize smart technology and put people at the center of it. We train staff and organizational leaders to utilize information in their daily work and decision-making. This is a vital skill for the future of every business and organization. We believe that the best results are achieved by combining modern technology and human creativity.


Reliability and partnership

We want to understand your organization’s business and help build success with technology. We make sure that the solutions have a positive impact to the whole organization. Open discussion and courageous action are the foundation of our partnership.

Genuine listening

The mission of technology is to serve the people. We want to make software easy to use and meaningful. We consider the people who use the technology and, through feedback, develop our software experience to serve a real need.

Comprehensive and customizable solutions

Our solutions always meet the needs of the business and take into account different user parties and uses, adapting technology to the daily operations of your company. Our solutions can be customized to your needs without compromising on quality and maintainability.

Ethical software

Artificial intelligence has enormous potential, but also opportunities for failure. Ethics and fairness are already taken into account in the software design phase and their implementation is taken care of throughout the software life cycle.

Who we are?

Our team consists of professional and innovative software developers and data specialists who follow the development of technologies and quickly adopt new tools when the project faces a surprising turnaround. By staying agile and anticipating trends, we can best serve our customers.

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