Our mission

Our main goal? Helping you to achieve yours with the help of smart technology.

Orkestr.io offers efficient process management and data leadership solutions, that help you to enhance your operations and to make your organization more competitive.
We offer consultancy services, data management and software solutions for solving complex problems intelligently and quickly, helping you to boost your company’s leadership, analysis and automatization.

On top of that, our software is easy to understand and easy to use – as it should be. We acknowledge that everyone does not “speak tech”, so we will stay practical and down-to earth. Our vision is to democratize intelligent technology and put people in the centre of it. We coach organization leaders and personnel to take advantage of data in their everyday work and decision making. This is an imperative for the future of every business and organization. Combining the possibilities of modern technology and human creativity will make the winning combination.

Our values

Reliability and partnership

Genuine listening

Comprehensive and customized solutions

Ethical software

Our offering

The partnering model

Be it management of personnel or other company resources, planning complex processes or getting the most out of an ocean of data, we can make it easier with our intelligent technology services. Systems powered by smart technology help to accelerate processes and ease your workload. In short, free your mind for the essential. 

Start your journey in digitalization by allowing us to be your guides in the world of cutting-edge technology.


First, we will map your needs together and match them with solution options: ready-made software, co-creation of customized tools, data analysis or consultation.


Your organization’s individual characteristics will be acknowledged in the design and creation process, while our skilled experts mould the technology for you.


We will guide your staff through the adaptation and train them to evaluate the results of the new model. Long run success is ensured by empowering the employees to master the technology and data.


After the implementation phase, the process will be validated by measuring the results – you will see that your investment really pays off. After all, leading with data is the new normal.


When the process has been successfully introduced, we will still be on your side when you need us – support is always part of our service.


Save valuable time by automation of processes


Gather and use data efficiently to make better decisions


Make adoption of technology easy for everyone

Stay ahead in new technology and achieve a competitive edge in your market

Want to know more about our process?

Who are we?

Our team consists of skilled and innovative software developers and data specialists, who stay on top of emerging technologies and quickly master new methods when a project takes an unexpected turn. By staying nimble and thinking ahead, we can serve our customers best.